“The Starfish” – A Short Story

A story about a young boy and his reflection on his life choices.

I wrote this for a short short story writing contest in 2009 and this was my finished entry.

                As the waves settled, his eyes glazed over as the remnants of the sea melted into the shore.  The only thing left was a starfish, begging for a chance to survive, to be thrown back, anything but to be left baking in the sun.
The boy stood and shuffled over to the creature.  Though it didn’t have a mouth to explain, or eyes to gaze into, its body sent out waves of determination and will to live.
The boy stared into the waves, wishing he had that same sort of drive.  He scooped up the handful of sand under the starfish’s weakened body and carried it to the edge of the sea.  He lowered his fingers into the water, watching as the sand melted away, letting the creature float back into it’s familiar surroundings.
He watched as it gathered its bearings and floated away, onto things that mattered.
The boy envied the creature, but the emotion quickly faded.  What was stopping him from being just like the starfish?  So he dove into the sea and disappeared after it.

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