Charm With Me – June 2016


The June Charm With Me Club included an amazing set of Harry Potter, The Sorting Hat themed charms.  I was so excited to see my (and all the other houses) represented!

Charm With Me did one other Harry Potter themed box during their second month of being open, theming it Acceptance to Hogwarts.  However, this month the theme was The Sorting Hat and featured two very different charms.

The first was a licensed, Warner Brothers, house crest dangle charm.  Subscribers were given the option to email Charm With Me and request their specific house, or they’d be sent a random house crest if they didn’t specify.

I obviously specified because I needed my Ravenclaw and it is absolutely beautiful!  It’s a bit of a bigger charm for my bracelet than I typically like but it’s so pretty I don’t mind too much.  I get a lot of compliments on it and people asking where I got it from, so that’s awesome!

The second charm was a Charm With Me exclusively designed Sorting Hat.  This charm had so much detail but again, is a bit bulky for the rest of my bracelet.  Overall though it’s too awesome and stands out from the rest of my charms.  I love the immense amount of detail they put into it regarding the creases and folds in the hat as well as the face.

This month included two beautiful HP inspired charms and I’m so glad I was able to select my preferred house!  The August, Eye of Sauron boxes are now up for sale – head over to Charm With Me to sign up to receive yours before they’re gone!


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