FanMail Box – May 2016


My FanMail Box was absolutely awesome and sent me a May box of theirs to try out, and holy toledo – so many goodies!

First of all, let me be perfectly clear – I had never heard of My Fanmail prior to receiving a message from them on Facebook.  The company sent me photos and descriptions of what they include in their boxes, the value of the boxes, when they ship out, etc, including who their target market was – ladies!

I was thrilled to have them send whichever box they wanted me to try out, and they decided to send me a Magical Mystery box, which was their May 2016 edition.  As soon as I opened it, I was instantly wishing I had found this box ages ago.

The package was overflowing with tons of Magical and Mysterious goodies, some of which were from very common fandoms while others made me pause.  My favorite part of sub boxes are when they include items from fandoms that I haven’t heard of before/that I’m not apart of.  It allows me to explore new worlds and characters I never would have known if I hadn’t been handed a tee shirt with something from that Universe on it. And that is exactly what FanMail did.

They included a good mix of both uncommon and common fandom items, and a wide variety of items as well.

The first item was a “Charmed” P3 T-Shirt, custom designed by FanMail.  I never watched Charmed, I know nothing about the show, so I’m useless when it comes to explaining what this means, but I can tell you that I’ve received plenty of tees from sub boxes and this one is super comfy as well as a great size!

The next item was an Exclusive “Miyazaki Magic” art print by Tziporah Thompson – again.  Hey.  I’m useless in saying I don’t know what these characters are from but the detail is amazing (not pictured above, as it’s on the backside of the box details card).

Also included, an exclusive “Pushing Daisies” Pie Hole Candle by SnowCutSoaps – holy crap this candle smells amazing.  I also don’t know what this is from but I’ll just pretend it’s Supernatural or just any show/fandom that features Apple anything because it’s flipping amazing and I want to smell it forever.

“Once Upon a Time” inspired an item in this box, a Belle’s teacup necklace and adorable Once Upon a Time bag.  Though I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time yet, I’m a big enough Disney fan to fall in love with this (though I thought it was Alice’s teacup at first).  I was so in love with the bag (not pictured) but the necklace as well.  I can’t wait to wear it and find a use to show off the bag!

“Penny Dreadful” included a comic book in this box and though I’ve heard of it, I’ve never actually read/seen anything regarding the fandom so I don’t know anything about it.  But it looks super badass and I can’t wait to get into it (maybe this will get me into comic books!)

Harry Potter!  Yes, a “Harry Potter” Hermione Pocket Pop keychain was included in the box and I was over the moon because you guys know how much I love Harry Potter everything.  This was absolutely adorable and I’m so glad it was included.

Finally, Litographs, who’ve supplied some temporary tattoos for some of my past received sub boxes included an awesome “Peter Pan” inspired Temporary Tattoo.  I’m really excited to show it off as a nifty bookmark (for my tutorial on how to do that, head over here).

This box was packed with so many goodies, I was over the moon with how wide a range of fandoms this box hit head on.  I went into this having no idea what to expect but they’ve turned me into a fan.  I am definitely eager to see some future themes from them and I’m hoping to snag a box for a theme that perhaps I’ll know a bit more about.

I definitely recommend you check out FanMail box, because for $21.99 plus shipping, you’re not going to find a box this full of goodies for such a fantastic price anywhere else (trust me – I’ve tried).

Head on over to their website to see all their past boxes, check out their FAQ and most importantly to sign up!  The August Box is on sale now, and it’s themed The Happiest Box on Earth (hello Disney – you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for!)


6 thoughts on “FanMail Box – May 2016

  1. MLA says:

    I’m SO jealous of the Charmed P3 t-shirt! (BTW, it is the name of the club that Piper, one of the sisters whose names all start with “P”, owned). There is next to nothing out there for this show that isn’t witchy or pegan symbols!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Logan Ashley says:

      Oooo now I know! I didn’t even know what the show was about but I’m definitely gonna have to hunt it down online now!


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