Charm With Me Club – July 2016

The July ‘Girl on Fire’ themed charms from Charm With Me Club were just so beautiful, they were enough to make anyone volunteer as tribute!

It’s been a long time coming, waiting for Charm With Me to release a few Hunger Games inspired charms, and the day is finally here!

The first charm included in this month’s Hunger Games themed Charm With Me box was a bit big for the bracelet, but makes a gorgeous pendant!  The mockingjay hanging charm was so incredibly detailed, it made the box all on its own.

The next charm included was a District 12 disc charm, mirroring the same type as the Captain America/Iron Man charm from the Civil War box.  This pretty charm perfectly emanates Katniss’ love for her home district.

The next charm was probably my least favorite, a bow and arrow.  It’s cute but just doesn’t sit right on my bracelet and sits the wrong direction (at least, I think so).  That doesn’t take away from how cute it is, and how perfect it is to represent our wonderful Girl on Fire.

Finally there were two bonus charms this month, featuring two, ‘fire’ glass charms in a bright red.  The bales on the side of these say that they’re 925 sterling silver as well, which is awesome, however one of my bales has already come off one of the glass charms (the little silver bit on the side) and is currently just rolling around on my bracelet.  Regardless, they were a bonus and I was super pleased with them!

Overall this month was cute but not my favorite.  Next months Eye of Sauron themed box is one that I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see!  Only a few days left to sign up, so head over there now!  If you happen to miss out on the Eye of Sauron box, September’s theme was just released – and it’s Harry Potter:  Defense Against the Dark Arts themed!  So exciting!  Grab a spot while you can!


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