Litcube – June 2016

The June Litcube was absolutely beautiful, featuring one of my favorite eras, the 20’s, in their Roaring 20’s Mystery box!

The overall feel of the box was awesome, and I have to say that first.  I really think they captured the spirit of the 20s in this package and I’m THRILLED to have received this.

The book this month was Evergreen Falls by Kimberley Freeman, a mystery set in the 20s and the most amazing synopsis!  I’m so glad that this book was selected and I’m eager to get into it!

The 20s inspired headband was beautiful, and though I adore Art Deco themed pieces, I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear this beautiful headband.  Fingers crossed I can find the right occasion for such a classy piece!

Every month always includes a snack, and this month’s was a Sugar Daddy!  I’ve never had one before but I tried it and it was just….sugar.  And sticky.  Haha, it wasn’t a favorite of mine at ALL, and I felt like it was a lower valued snack to be included compared to snacks they’ve done in the past.

My absolute favorite item in this month’s box was actually the Great Gatsby inspired Quote Pillow, which is really durable and the lettering is beautiful.  I’m a huge Great Gatsby nerd (like, it’s my favorite book of all time huge) so I was thrilled when I saw this quote on the pillowcase.

Also included, featuring my favorite book ever was a magnet!  Featuring another classic Gatsby quote, I was so excited to put this to use!

Finally, the Black Tie Market contributed to this month’s box with a 2.5 oz Foaming Sugar Scrub in Champagne Bubbles scent.  It smells absolutely incredible – even though I’m not big of face scrubs, this is one I’ll definitely be trying.

Overall this box was a half huge hit, half miss for me.  The headband and candy were pretty disappointing, but the Gatsby items for me personally made up for it by a longshot (though I’m not sure if others would feel the same).  I have been receiving Litcube since January so I know what they’re capable of, and they’re capable of much better than this!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a future Litcube, please head over to their site and sign up!  Haunted Hearts is the theme for the September box and it’s not one you’re going to want to miss!


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