Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – July 2016

The July Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly featured a different sort of Fandom, but one that absolutely is gaining a lot of traction since the recent movie release – Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn!

I am not a massive superhero fan.  I just want to make that clear.  I’m not a Marvel or DC girl, I’m not into comics, and I just don’t get the hype.  But if there’s one part of that whole universe I do like, at least a little?  It’s villains.  This box was definitely the side of the hero universe that I like best.

The first item was a Harley Quinn necklace, featuring a bat and what I assume to be her symbol.  This was a cute piece but not one that I’d wear – I’m sure fans of the universe loved this and I loved the concept of including her staple weapon of choice.

The next item was a Joker Lanyard.  The quality on this was really nice and it was well made!  I loved the print and was definitely a fan of such a high quality piece.

A bigger item that they haven’t done before was a drawstring backpack that read “Suicide Squad” which I thought was really neat.  It was a bit thin and wasn’t sure how much weight it would be able to hold without the straps coming undone or it tearing but it was such a cool, different item to receive in this box!

The Harley Quinn art print also included was the typical watercolor trend I’ve seen in the last few boxes and have really enjoyed it.

Nerd Stuff Store included a magnet set of three (which from looking at photos online were apparently selected at random regarding which magnets people received).  There look to be about 9 or 10 different options for which characters subscribers could have received.  These were a really strong magnet and featured some awesome artwork for the super fans!

Kal-Elle also included their own touch to this month’s box by included a bubble set of Suicide Squad earrings as well as a bubble Harley Quinn bracelet bangle.  Both were really nicely made but I have to say I liked the earrings a lot more.  They were much more subtle and would be perfect for fans.  The bracelet seemed a bit too overstated for someone trying to add a hint of fandom to their work attire, so I’m definitely going to say that wasn’t a favorite for me.

All said and done, this box, though not a fandom I specifically would have gone after, definitely included some beautiful and well made pieces.  AND I am also glad that this fandom box freely features themes that others may skip and not feature at all – definitely a plus as it is nice to be exposed to some new and unique fandoms!

If you’d like to sign up for a future Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly be sure to head over to their site and sign up before they sell out!  Be sure to use coupon code BOOKELVES for 25% off!!


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