The Bookish Box – July 2016


The July Fantasy themed Bookish Box included some absolutely beautiful items from so many incredible fantasy reads!

I was so excited when I heard the theme of this month’s box was Fantasy, as the last time that Bookish did a Fantasy themed box, I was blown away, and this one was no different.

The tee this month (Appraising Pages), was inspired by a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, reading:
“A single dream is more than a thousand powerful realities.”
I absolutely love this quote and I love how classic it is on a plain white t-shirt.  This definitely ranks as one of my favorite designs.

The awesomely named Passive Juice Motel created a unique coffee blend inspired by Eragon for this box, which smelled AMAZING.  I actually am not a coffee drinker but I’m in love with the smell, I was sad that I won’t end up drinking it!

The Grisha Series had their item this round as well, with an antler inspired headband by Night and Day Baby.  This piece was really soft and super comfortable to wear, and I’ll be wearing this one constantly.

The Geeky Cauldron.  One of my all time favorite shops has returned to provide a Game of Thrones inspired bangle, which reads “Hold the Door” in rose gold.  This was such a classy piece and even though I’ve never actually read the books or seen the show, this bangle could easily be worn and blended for a fandom mash up.  I’m really happy with this piece and it actually makes me super excited to get into the fandom!

Finally, Fiction Tea created a The Mortal Instruments inspired crossbody tote bag which is honestly one of the best quality tote bags that have been included in a sub box that I’ve received.  I absolutely adore the quote and art as well.  I definitely want to use this constantly – hello, fall semester!

I am so overwhelmed with this month’s box and the fact that so many fandoms were included, which is the exact opposite of last month’s box.  I knew that the Classics box had to have just been an off month for Bookish, and I’m so glad that they’re back on their feet!

If you’d like to grab a future Bookish Box, head over to their website and grab one!  These boxes are not ones you want to miss, and I can’t wait to see what they deliver next month!


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