Fandom of the Month – July 2016

Fandom of the Month Club decided to release the theme for this month’s box, as it was Harry Potter and they wanted to ensure anyone who wanted one could get their hands on one!  And oh my goodness – it is everything.

The entirety of this month’s Fandom of the Month Club Box are custom made pieces by FotM.  Typically they include one to two custom pieces and one to two pre-manufactured pieces.  The exact amount depends on how detailed and intricate the custom, exclusive items are and how much is left in the budget for remaining pieces.

Obviously you can tell that I was ECSTATIC to find out that all four pieces were designed exclusively by FotM and could only be found in this month’s box!

So let’s start with the card and magnet. First thing you see when you open the box, it’s right on top.  The card itself was a beautiful pencil looking drawing by Property of the Half Blood Prints of Hagrid’s Hut.  The true theme of this month was not just Harry Potter, but specifically Hogwarts.  Hagrid’s Hut is a staple on the Hogwarts Grounds and the school wouldn’t be the same without it.  I think it was an excellent artistic choice to use it on their monthly card.

The magnet, also created by Property of the Half Blood Prints, featured a stunning watercolor print of the Hogwarts Express.  This is the train that brings young witches and wizards to their home away from home.  This is the first thing students relate to Hogwarts and it absolutely deserves a spot in this box.

Then you break through the tissue paper to the bag which featured the Sorting Hat.  Oh, our well loved Sorting Hat – quite a creative piece of fabric.  Recently, FotM updated their bags so the quality is much better than what they were.  This super soft drawstring featured the quote from the smartest hat around, reading:
“You could be great you know.  It’s all here in your head.”

This is such a critical moment in a student’s Hogwarts experience.  Their house becomes their family, and the place where they usually make their closest friends.  It is a huge part of the book series and I’m glad it had the chance to be featured in this month’s box.

Finally, the actual jewelry.  The stunning pieces I was waiting ALL month for.

The first piece was a pair of bubble earrings.  Now, it took me a minute to figure out what it was but in the same style as Hagrid’s Hut on the card, there is a tiny, pencil drawing of the Hogwarts Castle on the inside of both earrings.  These are adorable but they seemed very vague to me.  It’s super hard to tell what they are unless you know what you’re looking for and honestly, this was my least favorite item in the box.

The next item absolutely made up for the first however, as FotM seems to have realized how much their subscribers love charm bracelets!  This one featured all four of the Hogwarts House Crests as well as the main school crest in the center.  Unfortunately the coloring was a bit off on the house crests, but I don’t think it took away from the idea behind the bracelet itself and I still really loved it.

The next item was my absolute favorite in the whole box, the Fat Lady necklace.  If you’re not up to date, just a quick thing, the Fat Lady Portrait guards the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room.  She requests a password from those who wish to enter.  Say the right word, she swings open revealing a hidden passage in the wall and the common room on the other side.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this necklace, saying using the Gryffindor Common Room guard as a part of the box made it more of a Gryffindor Box.  I think this is absolutely not true.  We never see the entrance to the other common rooms except briefly in the second movie.  However, the Fat Lady is mentioned throughout the series as well as pictured in both the first and third movies.

I thought including her was a fantastic idea, and the best part?  She moves.  She’s a two image pendant, so if you tilt it just right, she breaks the glass – pretty perfect if you ask me.

Finally, the Whomping Willow Ring.  These rings magically appeared in either a bronze or a gold color, and both are equally stunning.  I was really quite pleased with this, though I tend to wear lacey dresses and I worry that it’ll catch on something eventually.  I’ll power through it on jeans and classic blouse days though!

Overall, this box was a home run for me.  Though I thought the artwork in the earrings could have been a bit more prominent, or the coloring in the bracelet could have been a bit more authentic, for a $13 box to include 4 pieces of entirely custom jewelry is just beyond my expectation and I was so incredibly pleased with it.

If you’d like to sign up for a future Fandom of the Month Club box, be sure to check out their website for details on how, and check them out on Instagram, Facebook and more for potential sneak peeks, hints and more!


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