Charm With Me Club – August 2016

Charm with Me featured another fantastic classic this month, with their Eye of Sauron box.  It also included a bonus item from the new movie, Suicide Squad!

This month’s Eye of Sauron box was beautiful as usual, however a bit too dangly for my liking.  3/4 of the charms this month were hanging charms, and I feel like the company has been doing a lot more dangles lately as a whole.  Personally I’m not a massive fan of the hanging charms, so I’m hoping that they’ll start going back the other direction in coming months.

The first item was The Eye of Sauron.  This was the only charm to sit directly on the bracelet without hanging and it was super awesome!  I loved the detailing in it and was impressed that the actual name of the box was a featured charm.

The first dangle was a fairy charm, which, I’ll admit having never seen LotR or The Hobbit I’m not sure how a fairy ties into the movie, however the detailing on her is gorgeous as well and definitely a favorite dangle.  The bale that wraps around the bracelet on this charm is also incredible detailed, making it perfect for a pendant.

The second dangle was an axe, which again, I dunno how it ties in, but it’s pretty awesome.  Quite a bit more simple than the other two but still great.

Finally, the sword dangle.  Also pretty simple, but still really awesome.  I was a bit disappointed as well that half of the charms featured weapons of some sort instead of other aspects of the movies, but then again, I don’t know how big a role the sword and axe play in the movies/books.  Maybe it’s super important.  I dunno.  Haha.

Finally, there was a bonus in this month’s box, a necklace featuring Harley Quinn from the newly released Suicide Squad film.  This was a bonus in this month’s box and was totally unexpected.  I did think it was a little weird to combine such drastically different fandoms in the same box, and I know it’s a bonus, just seemed a little out of place.

Overall, this box was on the lower end of the spectrum as far as Charm With Me boxes are concerned.  They’ve definitely done better than this month and I’m sure next month’s Defense Against the Dark Arts box will blow us all away, promising FOUR charms!  I’m super excited to see that!

If you’re interested in grabbing a future Charm With Me Club Box, be sure to head to their website and sign up!  Only a few days left to grab the Defense Against the Dark Arts box!  And be sure to use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 10% off your order!


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