Once Upon a Bookcase – August 2016

I was so excited for this month’s Once Upon a Bookcase, and I was even more excited when I saw that it was themed The Wizard of Oz!

I have been hooked on Once Upon a Bookcase boxes since the beginning but this one is one of their very best yet.

This month’s theme featured a well-loved classic, The Wizard of Oz.  This was the first month with phone cases being produced by their new manufacturers and they are such amazing quality now.  I had some issues before with my cases peeling on the ‘spine’ but this month it feels like it’s been finished much nicer and they’re much more polished.

I’m overjoyed that this month’s case is such a wonderful quality and will last for a very long time.  The coloring is so strong and gorgeous, I’m so thrilled with the whole design of it.

The items were, of course, beautiful as well.  The first of which was an adorable necklace featuring Glenda the Good Witch’s wand and Dorothy’s shoes.  This piece was really cute and something that others would definitely pick up as fandom without being over the top gaudy with it.

Also included was a set of two red, sequin hair bows, reminiscent of Dorothy’s sparkling red heels.  These were super cute.  I attempted to put them on my kitten but that wasn’t happening so I guess I’ll use them when I put my hair up.  ;D

Finally, a yellow brick road clutch which is super subtle and perfect for a black dress and red heels!  I absolutely adore the bag and it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces I’ve received in a subscription box.

The card artwork was, as usual, precious beyond belief and overall I’m so incredibly pleased with this month’s box.  This was one of my favorites and with the new and improved quality of the phone cases, this box has only gotten better.

I cannot wait for next month’s box and if you’re excited for it as well, be sure to sign up at the Once Upon a Bookcase site before they run out!


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