Flitwick’s Box – August 2016

The August Flitwick’s Box was classy and sophisticated, all the while still making a statement that will completely stand out.

Flitwick’s Box has had a knack the past few months for selecting and creating pieces that are so unique but still fitting in with what you already have in your wardrobe.  This month, they mastered that again.

The first piece was a pink and navy blue bubble necklace.  This piece is a perfect statement featuring a pop of color while still maintaining neutral hues with the navy blue.  This can go with anything and still add a pop of color to a drab, dark outfit.

Also included was the matching earrings to the set.  These pink and blue dangles are stunning and perfect for anyone with longer hair that want to ensure their earrings still stand out.  I’m also a big fan of stud backs, which help to make the whole look much more put together and professional.

Finally, the surprise piece this month was a stunning silver knot bracelet – really simple in design but huge on the feedback, this was absolutely a favorite among subscribers this month.  This classy piece works with any look, regardless of whether you’re wearing the rest of the Flitwick’s jewelry or not.  I have heard a few complaints about the bracelet being on the smaller side, but I had no problem adjusting mine to fit perfectly.

This month was an incredible month for Flitwick’s Box – one of the best sets they’ve done in a long time.  I can’t wait for next month’s, as their sneak peek gives off a boho vibe that I’m dying to try!

To sign up for the next Flitwick’s Box, head over to their website and sign up before next month’s stylish sets are gone for good!


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