FanMail Box – August 2016

The Disney FanMail box was absolutely everything!  Check out all the details coming up, and be sure to read through the end for a coupon off your future order!

The Happiest Box on Earth was the official title of the August FanMail Box and it made me one of the happiest subscribers on Earth!  I am so pleased with the items included in this month’s box and was thrilled with how diverse across the Disney spectrum they were.

First, I never do this.  But I have to talk about the card.  The card this month featured the same artwork as the tee, which was brilliant, especially since I love this design.  But what’s on the back of the card is the cherry on top!

Most boxes due a little message from the creators, their social media/contact info, and details about what was included in this month’s box.  This subscription does all that AND more!  They also included a unique list of all new things being released in the coming months.  This includes What to Watch (TV Shows and Movies), What to Read (Books, Comics, and Coloring Books) and What to Play,  featuring video games coming out.  I think this is a great way to showcase other fandoms as well as bring attention to some things that may be missed!

The first of the items to be included was an adorable Baymax necklace.  I felt like this might be a little young, not something I’d wear to work, but still cute nonetheless and will definitely be giving it to one of my nieces.

The next item was a magnetic Stitch bottle opener.  Holy cow this is the cutest thing ever.  It makes my adult beverages feel a little more childlike and I use it all the time.  I have it up on my fridge so I can stare at its cuteness and it’s the greatest thing ever.

My first Dorbz was in this box!  They featured Maleficent in all their boxes and she is SO cute!  I absolutely love her and have her up on my bookshelf so I can stare at her aDORBZness forever.

There was a mystery item in every box, a random package of Disney Heroes/Villians keychains!  I got Pumba which is adorable.  I was hoping so much for Belle though but meh.  It happens.  Pumba is still wicked cute.  I have him propped up on my bookshelf as well.

Finally, the tee this month featured the same beautiful Mulan artwork as their monthly card, and I was thrilled with having such a strong female Disney character as the focal point of this box.

I loved how diverse this box was with including all aspects of Disney – from Mulan, a princess to Maleficent, a villain.  Baymax, a newer Pixar film and Stitch, a classic animation favorite.  The mystery added a bit of uniqueness to every box and I was floored overall with how much thought was put into these!  FanMail Box is definitely a contender for one of my favorite boxes!

I cannot wait for the October Box, themed “Things that Go Bump” – be sure to grab one while you can!  This bimonthly box means you’ll only get a box every other month but let’s be honest – the waiting is usually the best part (before opening it!).

If you want to grab one, be sure to use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 10% off your order!


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