Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – August 2016

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly featured a beautiful collection of Once Upon a Time pieces this August, and I am so excited for these stunning fairytale collection!  Stay tuned through the end for a 25% off coupon code!

This beautiful box was entirely inspired by the TV Show, Once Upon a Time, but can also be depicted as fairytale pieces as well!

The first piece was a set of Snow White Apple Earrings.  I thought these were absolutely precious, but unfortunately I’m not a massive fan of different shaped earrings for each ear….OCD kicks in.  However, I love the concept of the two separate shapes and the little crystals to add a little bling!

The “Once Upon a Time” necklace was stunning.  It had so many little additional charms to add to the theme but unfortunately my “Upon” and “A” overlapped really closely together and couldn’t be read when worn,  I’m not sure if this issue was just with my necklace or if I had it twisted wrong, but regardless it should be an easy fix.

“All Magic Comes With a Price” was inscribed on a gold bangle, exclusive to this box!  This piece was FLAWLESS.  Super amazing quality, sturdy, and simple.  This is what fandom jewelry is all about.

A cast magnet sticker was also included this month in addition to the 4×6 artwork.

Captain Hook had is own feature on the back of this pocket mirror – super sexy if I do say so myself.  😉  I actually don’t watch this show and had to ask who this was being featured and when I was told I was instantly saying “hmm…maybe I will start to watch it.”

Finally, a ring, handmade by Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly was included which read “Once” and had the silhouette of the show on it.

This whole box was a 50/50 for me.  I loved certain pieces but then others just didn’t wow me as much as I thought they would.  Though it’s possible that is simple because I’m not a huge member of the OuaT fandom.  I’m super excited about next month’s Walking Dead box and seeing what is included!

To get your hands on your own Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly be sure to head to their website and grab one!  Also make sure you use the coupon code BOOKELVES on your first order to get 25% off!


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