Nerdy Thoughts (Every Fandom Pins) – September 2016

Nerdy Thoughts, Every Fandom Pins is an absolutely incredible cross between two things I absolutely love – Disney, and my nerdy fandoms.  This month was just as amazing as month number 1!

This is my last month with Every Fandom Pins for a while, but that doesn’t mean I was disappointed with my final month!

This month featured a crossover between Disney’s “Brave” and Doctor Who – two of my absolute favorite things.  Merida is my second all time favorite princess, (only behind Tiana), so I was overjoyed that she got the spotlight this month!

The first pin was Merida dressed as Ten!  Screwdriver in hand and hair wild as always, she almost resembles River in a bizarre way!  But she is rocking the stripes!  She deserves more credit than she is given as an absolutely incredible Disney Princess – 5 stars to this!

The other pin included actually featured Ten in his usual look, checking out some clues in front of the Tardis.  He has yet to discover that Merida, her three brothers, and her mum in their bear form are actually hiding BEHIND the Tardis!  All this, crammed into one stunningly detailed pin.  The artists, designers and production people did a phenomenal job on this pin and every time I look at it closer, I notice a detail I missed!

This box is a favorite, however I am a broke college student.  And for $50 a month, I think food comes first in situations like this.  But I will keep an eye out and look forward to crossovers that I can’t keep my hands off of!  I did see a sneak peek and I know that October is Hocus Pocus and Mean Girls – PERFECT!  Be sure to check out their Instagram for more updates and hints!

In the meantime, be sure to head to the Nerdy Thoughts website and grab your own box.  All these pins are Limited Edition and CANNOT BE PURCHASED anywhere else!!  If you want them, the only way to get them is through this box!


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