Flitwick’s Box – September 2016

The September Flitwick’s Box featuring some stunning bohemian pieces as well as some beautiful classics as well!

The September Flitwick’s Box featured a few spoilers, and as always, the pieces are so much more beautiful in person!

The first piece spoiled was a set of boho tassel and beaded silver earrings.  Honestly, these aren’t really my style and I’m not sure if/when I’ll ever wear them.  However they fit the ‘theme’ lovely and I’m sure are perfect for someone!

The necklace was the other spoiled piece and this piece of green geode was unique to each and every necklace.  I saw photos with people receiving solid, smooth pieces and some with really large holes in the center.  I love the look of mine and think the shape is great as well as the placement of the gap.

It’s wrapped in a silver edging and has a metal silver tassel hanging off the bottom – so beautiful!  I don’t own much for jewelry in this color so I’m glad to have something simple enough that I can wear it with a lot of my closet.

The final item was the surprise this month and it was a beautiful silver toned triangle ring.  I have ridiculously small fingers so this fits on like a normal ring, however most photos have people wearing it as a midi ring – one of the biggest trends right now.  It is totally adjustable so if you wanted to wear it as a regular ring, you definitely can!

This box was a meh for me.  The earrings were just really disappointing, especially after having received from them for so long, I know they can do better.  The necklace and ring I’ve already worn multiple times, but overall, 2/3 pieces can’t get too many complaints from me!

If you’d like to grab a future Flitwick’s Box, be sure to head over to their website and grab one while you can!  Their pieces are amazing and I look forward to some new jewelry for a great deal every single month!


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