Once Upon a Bookcase – September 2016

The September Once Upon a Bookcase was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so thrilled that they did The Little Mermaid as their theme this month!

The Little Mermaid is one of my absolute favorite fairytales growing up.  I had “Part of That World” memorized when I was two.  It was definitely one my favorite as a child and growing up it’s still a favorite.

The first item was of course, the phone case of the month, featuring The Little Mermaid.  I am still so incredibly pleased with the new quality of their phone cases.  They hold up so well and I’m so impressed with the colors.  Yay for such wonderful quality!

The next item was a mermaid bookmark, which is so freaking cute.  I collect bookmarks, and this one is just stunning – so pretty!

My favorite item that was included this month was the Salt & Pepper Shakers!  A starfish and seashell, these are perfect on my bookshelves (I’m not actually going to be using them as salt and pepper shakers because pets.  They’ll break and I’ll cry.)

Finally, an ocean coin purse, which I felt was a tad disappointing.  It seemed like something from the $1 bin at the checkout to grab as a last minute as a filler item.  I wanted to really like it but I wasn’t a massive fan of this.

This box was absolutely beautiful, only the little coin purse was less than I expected.  I absolutely ADORED this month’s phone case, bookmark, and salt and pepper shakers.  So beautiful!  I’ve used it constantly and received so many compliments!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Once Upon a Bookcase Box, subscriptions just opened up for November – I highly recommend this box!  Be sure to grab one while you can!


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