Charm With Me Club – September 2016

The September Charm with Me Club box featured Defense Against the Dark Arts charms that were simply and geeky all at the same time!  Be sure to grab the coupon code at the end of this post if you decide to sign up for a box!

Charm with Me Club‘s September,  Defense Against the Dark Arts charms were something unlike anything they’ve ever done before.  All four charms were identical, except for the carvings in them!

The four charms featured four different spells that play a big role in all the Harry Potter book and movies and I was so pleased to see them take a different twist on them!

These little silver balls featured black detailing for the spells, reading;
Expelliarmus, Alohamora, Stupify, and Obliviate.

If you’re not a massive Potterhead, these spells mean:

Expelliarmus – the disarm your opponent.
Alohamora – an unlocking spell for doors, trunks, etc.
Stupify – to stun your opponent.
Obliviate – to wipe your opponent’s memory(memories).

All four of these spells played a HUGE role in the Harry Potter franchise and to have them so subtly included on my bracelet is a perfect addition.  Very pleased with Charm With Me‘s choices this month and cannot wait to see next month’s My Disney Princess box!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Charm with Me Club box, be sure to head to their website and use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 10% off your first order!


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