The Bookish Box – September 2016

The September Bookish Box featured so many pieces inspired by our favorite leading Literary Ladies!

I was so eager to see which ladies would get a lead role in this month’s Literary Ladies box, and I was so happy with the choices.

First of all, a pair of earrings by JEco Jewelry – these little feathers are perfect for practicing Wingardium Leviosa or for wearing to the Yule Ball!  Inspired by Hermione, these are absolutely darling and I cannot wait to wear them constantly.

The shirt this month, provided by Appraising Pages, was really unique.  It featured a very different interpretation of Hermione from the Harry Potter series and the quote:
“Don’t you tell me what to do, Harry Potter!”
Is one of the pivotal moments in the book where Hermione REALLY stands up to Harry and I absolutely love that this was the selected shirt quote.

One thing that did come off as a bit different was the drawing.  They have never really used a drawing on their shirts before and this interpretation of Hermione is really quite unique, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about how different the interpretation is.

Jar of Buttons designed a Kimmy Schmidt inspired magnet, reading:
“Females are strong as hell.”
I’ve never seen the show but I adore the magnet and think I might need to start!

First Edition Tea Co. has contributed to many of my boxes over the last year, but this month they included a sample size of their Pride and Prejudice inspired tea.  It smells absolutely incredible and I’m really looking forward to trying it!

Katniss got a shoutout in this box, with a stretchy arrow pen and highlighter page marker by Nanies Custom Creations!  I honestly wasn’t sure what the arrow was for but as I’m really enjoying using a planner lately, I was thrilled to have something to mark my place!

Lexy Olivia has been in many of the recent Bookish Boxes and this month she didn’t disappoint yet again. A Throne of Glass inspired, watercolor bookmark was included and the coloring is absolutely AMAZING.  I’m very pleased with all of her pieces and this one is no exception!

Finally, The Bookish Box included their own Bookworm highlighter and Matilda sticky notes – every reader needs both of these in their tool belt and having both included in the box was a fantastic call.

This box included A LOT of goodies and I was really happy with everything included.  The only thing I was a bit skeptical with was the drawing on the tee but it was really just more of a surprise and something I had to get used to.

If you’d be interested in receiving your own future Bookish Box be sure to head to their website and grab one before they’re gone!!


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