Fandle Candle Co. – September 2016

September was the very first month for Fandle Candle Co.‘s new subscription box and they did NOT disappoint!

Fandle Candle Co. is a subscription box that includes one, 9 oz. candle and one pack of wax melts per month, themed around a certain fandom.  The real surprise?  A hidden piece of jewelry inside the candle for you to find as you burn it!  The jewelry relates to the theme of the month and is something to look forward to as you use your new scent!

This month’s theme was Hocus Pocus, a perfect theme for upcoming October.  I was so excited to smell these scents and see if they were worth it.

Spoiler alert: they were.

Amok! is a really wonderful autumn scent with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin, vanilla and ginger.  It’s literally pumpkin pie, and it smells so good I want to eat it.  I burned it for about three hours and didn’t see any sign of the jewelry, however someone posted a photo of it online!

Supposedly, hidden in the soy way is a Binx necklace – a bubble design with the eyes of the black cat peering out at you, featuring silver embellishments on a silver chain.  It’s so cute, but I’m trying to savor this candle as long as possible – when I get to it, I’ll get to it.  😉

The wax melts this month, called Binx, do NOT smell like cat, so don’t worry!  It actually has hints of lavender, rose, and earthy undertones.  I assume that it has to be a reference to where Binx lived, out on his own for the hundreds of years before Max came along to help him.

I actually have never used wax melts before but just opening the container, I can tell you they smell LOVELY.  I hope that they’ll smell strongly and give off a nice scent once I get my hands on a warmer.

I was incredibly pleased with their first box.  The quality of both the candles and wax melts were wonderful, and the scents were sublime.  I am more than thrilled to see what they’ll come up with next and hope you check them out!

Be sure to head over to Fandle Candle Co.’s website to grab a set of these beautiful scents yourself, and remember, once a month someone wins the VIC box – Very Important Candle – which contains LOADS of extra goodies related to the theme!  It’s entirely random and it is NOT something you want to chance missing!


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