Litcube – September 2016

The September LitCube box featured an entire box curated by author A.G. Howard!  Be sure to stick around until the end of the post for an exclusive coupon code for 10% off your first box!

September’s Litcube theme was Haunted Hearts, a perfect theme for upcoming October!  What also made this box completely unique was the fact that everything included was hand-selected by author, A.G. Howard, the author of this month’s included book!

The book included this month was A.G. Howard’s new release, The Architect of Song.  This is an absolutely beautifully designed cover and is a book that I am definitely looking forward to reading and getting into!

My absolute favorite item this month is a beautifully embossed brown journal with a gold tree on the cover, along with the quote:
“Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.”
The quote is a Chinese Proverb but it was selected for this exclusive journal by A.G. Howard herself.  I collect journals and this is one that I am SO beyond thrilled to be adding to my collection.

Also included was a glass heart necklace with pressed flowers on this inside.  This very heavy, well-made piece is absolutely stunning, but not something I’d see myself wearing everyday because of how heavy it actually is.  It’s absolutely beautiful though and for the right occasion, I’ll definitely be showing it off.

A.G. Howard also selected a packet of Hot Chocolate to cozy up to her book with.  I am actually not a big tea or coffee girl, so to receive a box that included another kind of hot drink, I was over the moon – it’s actually already gone!  I absolutely love cocoa and I was thrilled to see this included.

Mor soap contributed to this box as well with a Gardenia scented bar.  It smells so lovely, I will definitely be trying it soon.

Finally, to keep the theme of the rest of the box and in correlation with the journal, a mini feather quill and ink vial set was also included to make the writing experience feel more authentic and elegant. I’ve never actually written with a quill and ink before but I’m actually really excited to try and see how terrible my handwriting will look. (Haha).

This box was a beautiful collection of items selected by an amazing author and I’m so pleased to see a box try something new like this and be able to encoroprate not just an author’s book but the whole style and flair of an author throughout the entire box.  A special thank you to A.G. Howard for creating this box for subscribers and putting together such beautiful items.

If you’d like to receive your very own Litcube, head to their website and grab one, and be sure to use the coupon code BOOKELVES10 for 10% off your first box!


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