Fandom of the Month Club – September 2016

The Fandom of the Month Club box for the month of September featured enough beautiful products for the Pokemon trainers in all of us!

This month’s Fandom of the Month Club came on the tail end of the Pokemon Go hype, perfect for those who were out hunting and needed to show off their trainer status a bit more obviously.

The first piece included was similar to one of their most popular pieces, a Pokeball compact mirror!  This adorable piece is perfect to toss in your purse or to run around with in your hand like the awesome Pokemon trainer that you are.

Also included was one of the most unique pair of earrings FotM has done to date – these Pikachu post earrings have the Pokemon’s head on the front and it’s body behind your ear with a moveable tail.  They’re freaking ridiculously cute but I can’t see myself getting away with wearing these to work, as much as I want to.

Finally, this was the first time that FotM has included hair pins – each with a different starter Pokemon in a bubble.  Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu, who will you choose?

This month also featured a bonus decal for bumper sticker/laptop/forehead use which reads “Follow Me to the Gym”.  Super cute and a nice little bonus!

I love how classic the artwork on the monthly card is and how the magnet even features some of our favorite villians from the show.  Super shout out to Half Blood Prints for, as always, creating something absolutely adorable.

This box was definitely unexpected but grabbed the right audience at the right time.  Smart move on FotM’s part!

If you haven’t signed up for your Fandom of the Month Club box, what are you waiting for?  Grab one now before they’re caught!


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