Once Upon a Bookclub – September 2016

I was FINALLY able to subscribe to Once Upon a Bookclub for the month of September and I was over the moon with what I found waiting for me!

This review is going to be a little different, simply because all of these beautiful items included in the box are specifically wrapped and created to be opened while reading along with the book.

For those of you who don’t know, Once Upon a Bookclub is a monthly book subscription box that focuses on Women’s Fiction/Historical Fiction.  All of their books are inspirational/motivational/empowering and all have great messages and stories as well.

Each box comes with 3-5 additional gifts.  That’s exactly what they are.  Each gift is wrapped beautifully and labeled with a specific page number.  While reading the book, you’ll get to sticky notes strategically placed throughout.  When you get to a sticky note, find the corresponding gift and open up!

This incredible box has the ability to transport you (the reader) into the story, and the owner Michelle does NOT slack on these gifts!

First of all, the book this month was The Ringmaster’s Wife.  It’s a historical fiction read about a young girl who leaves her family farm and all she’s known behind and ventures to join the Ringling Brothers circus in the 1920s.  It’s an absolutely wonderful read and I highly recommend it – it’s definitely not something I would have grabbed had it not been for this box so I’m thrilled it was the selected book this month.

That said, each gift was so incredibly thought out and amazing.  The page 55 gift was custom made to look EXACTLY like an item featured in the story, as was page 210.  Both are incredibly dear to me now and I cannot imagine reading the story without them.  They’re amazing pieces and I’m so touched by the amount of work that went into this box.  It was amazing – truly.

There were two gifts included (as there are every month) that don’t have much (if any) monetary value.  Typically each month one or two ‘extra’ gifts are added to keep the experience going throughout the entirety of the book.  I was not disappointed at all with the addition of these gifts as it only continued to bring the story to life and capture my attention to the significance of each of these items in the story.

I was so blown away by this box and the concept behind it – it’s unlike any other box I’ve ever been apart of and I’m really excited to continue getting them and enhancing my reading experience to the level that Once Upon a Bookclub provides.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Once Upon a Bookclub box, be sure to head to their website and grab a box!  They sell out almost every month, so be sure to not wait too long!


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