Charm With Me Club – October 2016

The amazing Charm With Me Club Box finally featured My Disney Princess as a theme for October and it did not disappoint this Disnerd!  Be sure to read through the end for a coupon code!

I have been waiting for Charm With Me to do a Disney themed box for a long time, and it finally arrived!  The selected princess this month was….Cinderella!

The first charm they created was a dangle, featuring Cinderella’s famous glass slipper.  It’s actually a blue tone on this charm with a really detailed bale.  I was really happy with this one and it was probably my favorite of the ones included this month.

The second charm was a dangle tiara, which has Cinderella written around the bale.  I have actually seen the Disney Pandora charms and they have a tiara that looks very similar.  It’s actually really nice to have a charm that looks so close to the authentic ones without the huge price difference.

Lastly, there was a carriage.  This was probably my least favorite one.  I was a bit disappointed in the blue stones and thought it looked fairly in-authentic.  It wasn’t at all what I’d hoped for but the other two definitely make up for it.

Finally, they also included two bonus charms!  Two blue glass beads, which their silver insert being stamped 925 (meaning sterling silver), these two were definitely a real bonus!  It’s always nice to add some more color to my bracelet and these help a ton!

This month was a great month for Charm With Me.  The pros definitely outweighed the con and I am so pleased that they finally went the Disney route!

If you’d like to sign up for Charm With Me Club, head to their website now!  Their December box is currently on sale, with the theme, Star Wars:  Rogue One!  I’m willing to bet it’s going to be an incredible box!  And be sure to use coupon code BOOKELVES for 10% off your order!!


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