The Bookish Box – October 2016

The Bibliophile Goodness Box by The Bookish Box this month was so cute and unique compared to all they’ve done in the past!

This month’s Bookish Box really focused on quality over quantity, and only included three additional items to their shirt!

The shirt this month featured a book stack which read:
“We read to know we are not alone”
I love that this was the theme this month, just books.  It wasn’t anything crazy or obscure but it was perfectly done.  I’m really happy this was the selected theme this month!

The remaining items first of all was a scarf created by The Bookish Box.  This piece was sent out in multiple colors and is super soft and beautiful.  Most scarfs with patterns or designs ironed on are scratchy, but this one feels almost as though it’s woven into the fabric!  I’m super pleased and so happy I got red!

Cherry Pit Crafts contributed again this month with another candle – this month’s scent being Bibliophile!  It smells heavenly and the size is huge compared to what most subscription boxes opt to go with.  I’m really happy with this one and the packaging is stunning as well.

Finally, Lexy Olivia is in this month’s box again with another bookmark!  This month’s says:
“Just One More Chapter”
We all know how many times we’ve said that (and lied) so this is absolutely perfect and beautifully done, as usual.

This month’s box was beautifully curated and I’m so pleased with the selected ‘bookish love’ theme that flows throughout each and every item.  Here’s to hoping they keep up this trend in future boxes!

Be sure to head over and grab your own Bookish Box – they’ve got some incredible things coming in the next few months and you don’t want to miss them!


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