Fandle Candle Co. – October 2016

Someone call the Doctor because this month’s Fandle Candle Co. Box is out of this world!

This month’s Fandle Candle Co. featured one of my favorite fandoms, Doctor Who.  I was super excited to check out the scents, and I even ended up getting the room spray in addition to the standard box!

The large jar candle, entitled Police Box, smells of blueberries, warm butter cake and vanilla.  Literally one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever had the pleasure to sniffing.  I’m SO excited to find the surprise inside this jar but I’m not too eager to burn it down to nothing yet!

I did see a spoiler of what IS inside the jar and an adorable gold bowtie necklace awaits me!

Rose was the wax melts this month and they smell of rose, sweet musk and sandlewood.  Honestly the rose scent is a bit overpowering and doesn’t allow the other two to tone it down but it may be because real rose was used in these!  It isn’t my favorite scent but for a floral element which they haven’t done yet, it’s lovely but strong!

Finally the room spray which was not part of the box but is apart of the collection.  Moisturize Me smells incredibly clean (not at all like that eerie episode of DW) and honestly makes any room/fabric smell INCREDIBLE.  I need a whole batch of this to refill my empty febreeze container with because it smells absolutely incredible.  A+++ to this one.

This box did not disappoint and I’m SO pleased that the Doctor was proudly represented.  I’m already incredibly excited for next month’s candles and the jewelry that awaits me!  Be sure to head to Fandle Candle Co. and grab your own box before they head off into Time and Space!


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