Fandom of the Month Club – October 2016

I have been waiting for the day that another Fandom of the Month Club, Doctor Who box would come out and that day finally arrived!

I am so pleased that Fandom of the Month Club decided to do another Doctor Who month after almost a year and a half since their last one!  From all of us Whovians who missed the last one, we say ALLONSEY.

The first item was custom designed by Fandom and it is the BEAUTIFUL Doctors Watch.  Instead of numbers, each Doctor (1-12) encircle the watch and help for fangirl or fanboy wearing it to know what time it is.  This watch is absolutely beautiful and though I’ve seen similar designs out there I haven’t seen this particular design.  I’m super in love with it and the watch itself is really comfy and bright and fun!  Definitely a favorite!

The necklace this month features the Gallifreyan style of writing (like the writing you see on the back of The Doctor’s pocket watch, etc).  It is supposed to say his true name, which no one knows.  I always loved this style of ‘writing’ and I’m really excited to wear this!

Finally, a set of mini tardis earrings.  These are dressy and classy but still plenty geeky!  I’m a mega fan of these and really pleased with how they turned out!  Silver with blue enamel and czs, who can complain?  They’re also dainty enough that I can wear them without my ear feeling weighed down.

This whole box was so beautiful, and as usual, Fandom of the Month Club never lets me down!  Be sure to sign up before they close to new subscribers for good!  With the expansion of their new company they won’t be able to take many new subscribers each month so it’s better to sign up ASAP before you it becomes a feeding frenzy!


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