Fanmail Box – October 2016

Things That Go Bump was the theme for the October FanMail box and with the amount of goodies they squeezed in, I was NOT disappointed!  Be sure to read until the end for a coupon code!

Where to even begin!  There was so much more than I anticipated with this box, as last month’s Disney box really only had 5 items.  This month had a whopping 12 items in it and each was better than the last!

The first item included was the shirt.  The art featured was also featured on the monthly card and it was by Fox-Meets-Wolf.  It shows the transformation of a human into a werewolf and is really spectacularly done.  I’m probably going to end up gifting this tee to a friend who loves Sci-Fi a ton more then me but it’s an awesome concept and such creative art!

Also included from BehindThePinesStudio was an air plant – but not just any air plant.  This specially designed “Upside-Down” plant is representative of all those eerie and terrifying, other-worldly plant life from one of my new favorite shows, Stranger Things!  This was so awesome to have included and I am going to do my best to keep it alive!

Also inspired by Stranger Things (and let’s be honest, there can never be enough) is an exclusive Stranger Things Minipack!  Included was a Christmas Lights Alphabet magnet, an Eggo waffle pin and two 011 temporary tattoos if you’re feeling like repping El some day.  I actually love the Eggo pin the most probably and am so happy that this show is getting so much recognition!

Another exclusive this month is “Haunted Mansion” washi tape!  I have yet to find anything that I would put Washi Tape on and not want to peel it off of in a few weeks, so I’m saving this until I KNOW what to use it for.  But yes, Haunted Mansion, as in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  It’s inspired by the wallpaper, eyes and all and its adorable and NOT to be wasted!

Ghostbusters came back for this box with the Screw-U necklace!  I actually think this is hilarious and I had to read the card to understand it.  I never watched Ghostbusters but this necklace is awesome.

Supernatural was included in this month’s box as well with the Halloween print of Dean in a creepy looking scenario.  I haven’t watched much Supernatural but this print is awesome and I have a friend who will LOVE this as well.

Finally a few samples this month, a sticker from “My Best Friend’s Exorcism” and a sample to try of “How to Hang a Witch”.  I love that FanMail always has little samples of other new things that they couldn’t necessarily include but still want to give their subscribers a taste of.

This box was awesome and had SO much in it – more than probably any other subscription box I’ve received.  It was a lot of fun because as I pulled something else out of the box, more would appear.  It was really awesome and I’m really pleased with the value of this box.

To get your own FanMail like I #GotMyFanMail, be sure to head to their website and grab a bimonthly box!  And also be sure to use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 10% off your box!


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