Litcube – October 2016

Beauty and the Beast was the inspiration behind this month’s stunning Litcube!  Be sure to read through to the end to grab a coupon code!

The October Litcube was inspired by one of my all-time favorite Disney princesses and her movie, so naturally I had high expectations for this month’s box!

The first item was the book, which this month was Beauty by Caroline Lee.  This cover and edition is actually entirely exclusive to Litcube (and it’s beautiful!) so I’m really excited to have this in my collection.  Caroline was also awesome enough to sign a bookmark and include it for all subscribers!

The wearable this month was another Litcube exclusive – an enchanted rose necklace!  This is really delicate but also quite large for my tastes.  I don’t know how much I’ll be wearing it but I absolutely know I’ll have this on display for all to see.

The snackable this month is a cinnamon pretzel from Pretzel Haus and sweet icing – oh my goodness, I ate it nearly immediately (after warming it up) and it was so delicious.  Not much beats a soft pretzel.  The icing was actually the worst part of it, as it left a weird after taste in my mouth.  But the pretzel – one of their best snackables yet!

Bonus goodies included this month were another exclusive!  This was a great month if you like limited edition goodies.  This “Tale as Old as Time” Jewelry box is currently on display on my bookshelf and holds some of my smaller, daintier bookmarks.  It’s SO pretty and really cute but in all honesty it is plastic.  It’s valued on the card for $24.95 which personally I feel is really high for this, but it IS an exclusive and it IS super cute so no complaints on appearance!

Finally, a metal rose bookmark was also included.  This piece was probably my least favorite of the entire box.  As pretty as it was, I’m not one who uses tiny, fragile bookmarks.  My bookmarks either go on display or get used and ruined really quickly.  This one, as lovely as it is, is probably going to stay in my new jewelry box unfortunately.

This box was 50/50 for me!  Pieces were lovely, but I felt it didn’t contain that much as far as value was concerned.  I AM incredibly excited however for the next few month’s with Litcube – Harry Potter and Sherlock?  Should be AWESOME!  Be sure to use coupon code BOOKELVES10 for 10% off your order!!


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