Uppercase Box – October 2016

The October Uppercase Box had a punk-rock feel to it and I am absolutely loving the theme!

Uppercase box has been a staple box in my life for almost 2 years now, and their boxes never cease to amaze me.

This months signed book was Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter.  As always, the fact that it is signed sold me immediately but the simplicity of the cover and description make this sound like a phenomenal read and I’m REALLY excited to get into it!

Also included was an Erg character sticker who is apart of Vassa.  Definitely going to be added to my sticker collection.

A punk rock writers journal was one of the items this month and honestly, I saw a lot of hate about this item but holy cow this has to be one of my favorite items ever.  I’m DYING at the interpretations of some of these classic authors and poets.  They’re perfect.

And finally a set of three cassette player bookmarks.  I really wasn’t feeling these when I saw them in the package and then I took them out and realized how awesome they were.  I’ve been looking for something for my planner that wouldn’t fall out but also not take up too much room on the main page, and this being a magnetic front and back piece but also having a long piece of ribbon makes it PERFECT.  Such a practical item to include!

As usual, I’m thrilled with this month’s Uppercase Box and recommend them to you if you’re looking for an affordable, signed YA book box – they never disappoint!


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