Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – October 2016

As a  MASSIVE Nightmare Before Christmas fan, I was just a little excited when I heard that Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly was going to be featuring them in their October box.  Be sure to read until the end for a 25% off coupon code!

With October being the prime time to start watching A Nightmare Before Christmas, I am so thrilled that it was selected by Kal-Elle.  I have waited for this day for a long time and it finally arrived!

This was Kal-Elle‘s one year anniversary box so they went above and beyond with what was included.  This month there were 2, 4×6 art prints, plus the artwork on the back of the information card (not pictured).  There was also an adorable magnet featuring Zero, Lock, Shock and Barrel!

Oogie Boogie wasn’t forgotten in a handmade bracelet my Kal-Elle Designs.  I want to love this, but the bracelet style isn’t my favorite.  It’s definitely an adorable piece but I don’t know how much I’ll wear it.

Kal-Elle Designs also created a Jack & Sally ring which was too cute!  I am really happy with this piece, though it is a bit big.  I’m always a fan of any goodies representing one of my favorite Disney couples!

The necklace this month – this is what I’m talking about.  This absolutely stunning, custom designed piece by Kal-Elle is sheer perfection.  This amazing silhouette of Jack & Sally on the hilltop is one of my all time favorite pieces EVER.  I am amazed at the intricate detailing and am so pleased with it.  I’ve worn it multiple times already and have received many compliments on it!

Also included was two sets of NBC inspired stud earrings.  Jack is a bit small for my tastes but still handsome as ever!

The Purple Chameleon contributed a handmade Jack skull headband which is beyond adorable!  It’s a bit thin for me but it’s got Jack’s face all over it – how can anyone really complain?

Finally an adorable 4 Jack keychain was also included this month!  This is one of the cutest keychains I’ve received in any of my subscription boxes and one I definitely will be puttig on my keys!

I’m overwhelmed at how beautiful this box is and I’m so pleased that I was able to be apart of it!  This is a fandom that I’ve been apart of a LONG time and am always so pleased to see it executed wonderfully.  This is definitely my favorite box Kal-Elle has done to date and I hope this is the beginning up a new style!!

If you’d like to get your own Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly box, you can head to their website and grab one for yourself – be sure to use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 25% off your purchase!


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