Flitwick’s Box – November 2016

The November Flitwick’s Box was one I hadn’t seen any spoilers for and was the first time that had happened since I started receiving them – was that a good thing or a bad thing?

Not seeing any spoilers had me super excited for this month’s Flitwick’s Box – I love surprises and not knowing any of the pieces was a fantastic surprise!

The first piece was a pair of circle stud earrings.  The circles are open in the middle so they wear really cute and simply.  I actually really love these and think they’re fantastic and go with so many styles.

The next item was a cuff bracelet which fit a bit too big on me (as to be expected) but was ridiculously cute.  This chunky gold bracelet appears to be many strands of gold wrapped around the wearers wrist multiple times.  It’s insanely cute and a new favorite for me.

The necklace this month was kind of a shoutout to some earlier Flitwick’s Boxes with a layered necklace look however this was not my favorite.  The first layer featured a little gold disc which was super cute but the second layer appeared to have a piece of driftwood or stone attached to the gold chain.  This was a meh piece for me.  Personally I can’t think of many outfits I’ll wear it with but if there’s anything I’ve learned from skipping a Flitwick’s Box – it’s not to.  It usually happens where I get rid of an item and the next day I’ll put something on and immediately wish I had that piece back.  This will stay with me until I figure out what to do with it!

Overall this box was a solid 2/3 for me.  The earrings and bracelet was rockstars but the necklace fell a bit short on design for me.  As always, I’m excited to see what designs will be included next month and if you’d like to join in the jewelry fun, head to the Flitwick’s website and grab a box!


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