Once Upon a Bookcase – November 2016

The November Once Upon a Bookcase box is one I’ve been waiting for for a VERY long time and it did NOT disappoint.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a die hard Gatsby girl.  Specifically I’m an F. Scott Fitzgerald girl, but I’ll take The Great Gatsby any day.

That said, a few months ago, a hint was released by the Once Upon a Bookcase account that hinted toward the 20s.  I immediately messaged them and it wasn’t but I was assured I would be notified.  Flash forward to November, I saw the hint and already had a message from Once Upon a Bookcase which read “it’s time.”  I squealed and was beyond a giddy fangirl in that moment and life was good.

This phone case was absolutely spectacular.  I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better – it’s timeless and classy and bright and fun and so many things without being anything but Gatsby.  I’m just thrilled with it honestly, and it has instantly become my favorite phone case of all time.

Also included was a whole bunch of jewelry fit for Daisy Buchanan.  The first of which a black and gold headband – this classy piece is perfect for an up-do which is actually how I wore it the first time I took it out on the town.  Definitely pleased with how cute this is!

The next item (not pictured) was a gold and cz necklace intricately woven into a criss-cross pattern across the wearers neck.  Hold the phone because this piece is a show-stopper.  I’m thrilled with this and how classy and dainty but fierce it looked.  So perfect for the era!

Finally, the last piece was a set of flapper earrings.  As much as I loved these, they actually arrived with a few threads loose.  I was sent a replacement pair immediately but they weren’t my favorite piece in the world – a bit big for me but still super perfect for someone!

Overall this box was a home run.  I was beyond excited and had my expectations set to record highs, but this box did not let me down, thank goodness!

If you’re interested in grabbing a future Once Upon a Bookcase Box, head to their website and grab one!  They’re cutting back from having multiple options of phone cases to just having one per month so everyone will receive the same beautiful case.


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