Litcube – November 2016

The stunning Lit-Cube included an absolutely BEAUTIFUL collection of Hogwarts Sorting Hat related items!  And I was sorted into…

Ravenclaw!  I am so excited.  As a proud Ravenclaw, I was beyond thrilled to receive the Ravenclaw goodies!

The first of which wasn’t specific to the theme of the box, but the book this month was The League of Beastly Dreadfuls by Holly Grant – this mysterious and quirky read seems like something Hermione might have entertained her first year or two at Hogwarts if she’d stumbled across it.  I’m excited to give it a go!

Also included was an exclusive house scarf.  Yay Ravenclaw!  So many words to describe a proud Ravenclaw, but these giant, sheer scarves are fantastic quality and I’m really excited to wear this out on a warmer day.

The snackable this month was an old fashioned candy stick – I got root beer which is one thing I’m not a massive fan of.  I didn’t even end up eating it but they’ve included some awesome snacks in the past – I can totally let this one slide.

THE ITEM.  This was the item I know a ton of people signed up just to get – the exclusive Ravenclaw planner.  This absolutely beautiful A6 sized planner is perfect for just about everything.  Most planners this size at this quality sell for easily $35+.  PLUS these have such useful credit card slots, and a spot for a pen!  This is absolutely beautiful piece was easily the cost of the whole box but I’m incredibly grateful there was more!

Also included was a set of exclusive planner stickers designed by NerdyGrlDesigns.  These stickers are absolutely beautiful and I don’t even want to use them as they can’t be gotten anywhere else!  I’ll have to figure out something worthy of their one time use.

Finally, a set of Harry Potter themed nail decals by Nail Glams!  These are so adorable and can be purchased from her shop so be sure to go grab a set if you missed this box!

This box contained so much Harry Potter goodness and exclusive items, they were absolutely incredible with their selections and I’m so pleased to have received this.  If you’d like to get your hands on a future LitCube be sure to head to their website and grab a future one for yourself!


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