Nerdy Post – November 2016

My first Nerdy Post box was everything I’d hoped it would be and more!  Each of these stunning items were perfectly symbolic of some of my favorite classic novels!

I was really not expecting there to be so many items included in this box but I was so impressed with how much was included!  Each box is $13.95 plus shipping and I was really expected 3 or 4 goodies in each shipment.  If this is any indication of what’s to come in future months, I’m going to be incredibly impressed!

Pride and Prejudice was a massive part of this box with both the information card and the large print both featured beautiful quotes from the classic and I’m really happy this was such a large part of the box overall.

A pocket notebook featuring a quote from Dracula was included as well.  This quote, which reads:
“We learn from failure not from success.”
I love that this quote was used and really happy about a classic horror novel quote being used in this box!

The next item, a sticker, featured a bouquet of flowers and is a quote from Jane Eyre, which reads:
“My very soul demands you.”
This quote was stunning and I’m really pleased to have it included.

Next up was a double sided bookmark which featured quotes from Northanger Abbey on one side and Sense and Sensibility on the other.  Both sides were absolutely beautiful and I’m really beyond pleased with how each turned out.  I personally can’t decide which I like better.

The magnet was from Wuthering Heights featuring a lovely quote.

Also included was a beautiful lapel pin of a book stack featuring some stunning books including Alice in Wonderland!

The coaster (this was probably my favorite item of those included, or at least tied with the pin), featured a quote from Emma.  This is such wonderful quality, and I cannot wait to put it to use!

Finally, the postcard featured an encyclopedia which may not be a ‘classic’ but it’s definitely a staple everyone ought to have.

Overall, as a first time recipient of Nerdy Post, I was beyond pleased.  With the cost of this box only being $13.95 plus shipping, I feel like I got a LOT more than $14 worth of goodies in this box.  I’m really impressed with this company and am excited to see what else will be included in future months!

If you’d like to grab a Nerdy Post box, be sure to head over to their website and grab one!


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