The Bookish Box – November 2016

The November Bookish Box featured a unique array of items related to Banned Books!  I was so eager to see what was selected for this!

The shirt this month by Appraising Pages featured a quote from one of my favorite novels, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.  The quote, which read:
“He made her feel like she was more than the sum of her parts.”
This quote was so beautifully written, however out of context, I’m not sure how much I love it as the selected quote for a shirt.  It’s beautifully done as always but isn’t my favorite shirt they’ve done.

Appraising Pages also contributed a “Read More Books” mason jar which has instantly become a perfect holder for my bookmarks!  Speaking of bookmarks…

Lexy Olivia has had her hand in so many Bookish Boxes lately, and my bookmark collection is eternally grateful!  I absolutely love the bookmark design this month, which reads:
“I read banned books.”
Absolutely perfect for the bookworm in all of us.

The next item by Out of Print created a stunning Banned Books pouch which showcases the blacked-out style that so many bookstagramers have taken to lately.  I love the work that Out of Print does and am so excited to add this to my collection.

Finally, Cherry Pit Crafts created a Butterbeer Lipbalm and I can NEVER have enough lipbalm.  Always a fan of adding geeky lipbalms to my stash.

The box overall was a home-run, with the shirt quote actually being my least favorite part of this months’ box.  Out of my year+ with this company, this has to be the FIRST month that the shirt wasn’t one of my favorite things out of the entire box.  I’m sure this was just a miss as far as the month goes, but I definitely think a better quote could have been selected.

So excited for next month’s Yule Ball themed box!  Be sure to head over to the Bookish Box website to grab a future box!


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