Fandom of the Month Club – November 2016

If you’ve never tried Fandom of the Month Club before, November is always my recommendation to grab if you can – the stunning anniversary box is not one to miss!

The 2nd anniversary of Fandom of the Month Club deserved to be celebrated with this stunning mix of 5 beautiful fandom jewelry pieces.

Each of these pieces represented a different fandom and created a stunning collection for anyone wanting to test them out!

The print this month featured a stunning collection of multiple fandoms and the magnet featured a quote from the queen, J.K. Rowling herself – both were stunning as always.

A smaller chain bracelet was done this month, featuring a the fandom, Star Trek.  “Live Long and Prosper” can be read across the gold plate and it is just so cute and dainty while still being perfectly geeky!

A feather bookmark which read “The Stories We Love Best Do Live In Us Forever” this is so beautiful and will definitely not be used as a bookmark!  It will be on display on my Harry Potter shelf from now until forever because *.*

Also included for Harry Potter was a time turner keychain.  This was my least favorite piece.  I felt like it was very stereotypical and predictable and was pretty disappointed something so typical was included – I feel like it’s something every Potterhead already has!  It’ll make a great gift, but this will not be a piece I’m keeping.

Another of my favorite fandoms was included – The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I have waited for this day for so long and these PRECIOUS Jack Skellington bubble studs are just perfect.  Definitely keepers!

Finally, the grand daddy piece of the box.  These floating locket necklaces are such a big deal in jewelry right now, so for them to include one was a phenomenal move.  Each of the charms represented a different fandom – a lightning bolt, r2d2, a tardis, a mickey head and an arrow.  Can you guess them all?  They’re stunning!!

I’m so pleased with the box, minus the keychain!  This was a fantastic set, just like last years’ anniversary and I’m really pleased.  November is quickly becoming my favorite month for my Fandom of the Month Club box just to see which fandoms will be featured!

If you’d like to grab your own Fandom of the Month Club box, be sure to head over to their website and grab one – they no longer open additional spots each month but only fill cancellations!  Be sure to grab one, and quick!


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