Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly – November 2016

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly decided to go with a Game of Thrones as their theme for November, and I have to say, they did a great job!  Be sure to check the end of the review for a 25% off coupon for you to use!

I was a bit skeptical with what Kal-Elle was planning when I found out they were going to be doing Game of Thrones but what I got was definitely not what I was expecting.

The first item was something really unique, as I have yet to have a box include one – a Dragon Ear Cuff which wraps around the wearers ear to look as though there is a small dragon perched on it.  It’s incredibly cute and flexible while still looking truly awesome.

The necklace this month was designed by Kal-Elle and was inspired by Arya Stark, reading A Girl Has No Name and also featuring a silver compass.  I thought this was super cute and a lovely little detail.

The bonus item this month was a House Targaryen themed Fire and Blood pillow case – I was really impressed with the quality of this and really excited to have this on our bed of nerdy pillows!

The Hand of the King was turned into a brooch for this box – as someone who doesn’t watch the show religiously I actually didn’t understand this reference but thought it was really cool and creepy looking.

I have a thing for wrap rings and this month included a dragon claw wrap ring which resembled talons wrapped around the wearers’ finger.  This was absolutely adorable and probably my favorite piece in the box.

A 4×6 Jon Snow art print was also included as well as a White Walker King magnet.  Both were lovely additions to my art collections.

Finally, Frakking Bombs created a Winter is Coming Bath Fizz mix to be included in this box!  It smells phenomenal and I cannot wait to use it – always a perk when there’s bath/beauty goodies included!  They’re never expected!

That said, this box was definitely a stronger month for Kal-Elle and I’m eager to see what next month’s Deadpool themed box does!  If you’d like to grab one, be sure to head over to their website before they’re gone!  Also, be sure to remember to use the coupon code BOOKELVES for 25% off your first box!


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