Authored Adornments Box – November 2016

Authored Adornments Box selected another wonderful theme for the month of November, featuring Outlander with a collection of absolutely lovely pieces.

 The first item, a dainty and adorable necklace by Authored Adornments, featured Jamie written across the pendant.  This beautiful piece was simple and adorable while still portraying the name of our love interest!

Authored Adornments also supplied a stunning ring from Outlander which read:
“all love is, the speaking is unnecessary.  It is all.  It is dying.”  I haven’t read Outlander enough to know where this quote is from but it’s a beautiful selection and only wants to make me read them more.

A tote bag was the household item this month, handpainted by Simply Grace Design Co.  This delightfully durable tote reads “Take Me Home to Lallybroch” which is a setting from the story itself.  It’s so detailed and flawless, you’d think they were printed!

As always, Copper Kettle Co brought a beautiful art print to life this month, reading Dinna Fash.  This beautiful quote reminds us all not to sweat the small stuff and roll with it the hand we may be dealt.

Finally, the tea this month was provided by All in the Leaves.  A wonderful English Breakfast Blend was the selected type to be included and it smells absolutely wonderful.  I cannot wait to make a warm cup very soon.

This whole box was just full of Scottish treasures and I’m so pleased with it.  I cannot wait for the December Narnia box and I’m eager to share it with all of you!  Be sure to head to Authored Adornments shop to check out what box is coming next as well as her stunning individual pieces.


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