Fandomly Jewelry – November 2016

A new box I decided to try this month was Fandomly Jewelry!  This month’s box was Doctor Who and I was eager to see what was going to be included as I had no idea what their boxes would include.  Was it Time Lord or a Dalek?

This absolutely beautiful fandom jewelry subscription includes 3-4 handmade pieces in addition to a postcard, art print and bonus goodies.

The postcard read Allons-y!  There was another option that some people could have gotten which read Geronimo, however as a 10 girl, I’m thrilled with the card I got.  Also included was an art print by Cherlocked Designs which reads “Sometimes, very rarely impossible things happen and we call them miracles.”  I can’t quite place where in the show the quote is from but it’s a lovely quote (though the style it’s drawn in is a bit hard to read).  Also included was a Tardis decal but it wasn’t mentioned on the outline of what was in the box.

Finally, we get to the jewelry.  Each of these stunning pieces are handmade by Fandomly Jewelry and are created with love.

The first piece was a stunning metal bookmark, with a bubble quote on top of it.  The burnished gold finish on this piece made it look old and rustic, but simply beautiful.  The bubble reads “We’re all stories in the end.  Just make it a good one.”  This is one of my all time favorite quotes from the show so I was thrilled that it was included!

The next was a glass locket necklace which has been a major trend lately.  Inside were all charms related to Doctor Who, including a Tardis, banana (9), converse sneaker (10) and a bowtie (11).  All of these little trinkets are precious and I’m overjoyed with the three representations of three of our most recent Doctors.

A pair of silver dalek earrings also waited for us in the box.  These smaller dangles are perfect to add to your overall ensemble without taking too much away from the rest of your Whovian self!

Finally, the last piece was my absolute favorite.  These Alex and Ani style bracelets have been a huge trend lately, and this one is perfect for some of our favorite companions.  A rose (for Rose Tyler), a daisy (for Amy Pond) and a space suit (for River Song).  All of these three charms represent a different companion and I’m so glad that Fandomly Jewelry included them as well.

Overall, this box was stunning and I was beyond pleased with my first experience with Fandomly Jewelry.  I’m eager for the December Harry Potter themed box and cannot wait to share the details of that with you!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Fandomly Jewelry box, you can head to their Etsy page to check out what next month’s theme is and grab one (if they’re not gone already!).


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