Once Upon a Bookcase – December 2016

Once Upon a Bookcase has been one of my top subscription boxes these past few years, and this holiday season they created an absolutely lovely box!  Want a coupon code for your first box?  Be sure to read to the end!

Once Upon a Bookcase has been consistently offering two options each month – this was the first month that only one box was shipped to all subscribers and the company actually announced that they will be cutting down to one option each month.

Personally, I’m thrilled with this change, as I missed a ton of beautiful phone cases because of the two options so I’m thrilled that now I’ll never miss another!

That said, the December theme was….A Bookish Christmas!  As one can imagine from the theme hint, the phone case was inspired by a classic Christmas read, which happened to be….A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens!  This is one of those timeless stories that everyone loves so I was overjoyed to have a case inspired by this!  The color is phenomenal and it was really outstanding.  If you still want this case but missed the box, this one is available in their Etsy shop so you can still get it!

Also included, this was the first time that Once Upon a Bookcase has worked with a specific outside source and they couldn’t have selected a better one!  Sweet Sequels provided a squishy, pillow book ornament inspired by A Christmas Carol!  This beautiful red ornament is painted to include the three ghosts from the story and it super cute on anyone’s tree!

Next up, a night cap if you’re Scrooge, or if you’re like everyone else in the 21st century, it’s an adorable winter beanie!  The cursive is super old fashioned looking and actually really hard to read but to anyone looking, it obviously says something!  I think is one of the cuter apparel items that Bookcase has done and I’m really happy to have this!

Finally, keeping with the Christmas spirit of the whole box, a candy cane was the final item included!  Sometimes simplicity goes a long way and this classic treat did just that.

Overall, this may be a contender for my favorite Once Upon a Bookcase box.  The gifts were fantastic and (as usual) wonderful quality, and the phone case was absolutely stunning.  I’m so pleased that they chose to create a brand new case for this box specifically but as I said above, you can still purchase the case on it’s own on their Etsy shop!

If you’d like to purchase a future Once Upon a Bookcase Box, be sure to head over to their Cratejoy page to sign up for the subscription, and be sure to use the coupon code LOGAN10 for 10% off your first box!  Hints are released on their Instagram monthly and you can always email them to find out what the case will be!  Thank you for a wonderful holiday box Bookcase!


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