Flitwicks Box – December 2016

Flitwicks Box drew from the feel of the holidays and created an absolutely stunning, winter box for subscribers to wear year round!

Pearls and rose gold were an absolutely perfect combination for the holidays.  They did pearls last December as well so I was hoping they were going to stick with that theme and they certainly did not disappoint.

The first item was a statement collar necklace, featuring intertwining bands of rose gold and pearls.  The necklace is separated into sections connected with o rings, so it bends and moves with you.  This stunning piece is a conversation in and of itself but paired with the other items in the box, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

The second item was a hinge bracelet, featuring a rose gold and cubic zirconia band while the closure is a small ring attached to a large pearl surrounded by crystal.  This bracelet is dainty and delicate but still packs quite the punch to an outfit overall.  This was honestly my favorite item in the box and I’m really excited to start wearing this to dress things up!

Finally, the ring this month was a large cocktail ring, featuring the same interwoven pattern of rose gold as the necklace but the same crystal detailing as the bracelet in order to tie all three pieces together.  Honestly, I’m not a massive fan of cocktail rings but this one is stunning.

Overall this was a favorite box for me from Flitwicks.  These past few months have been pretty meh but this one really stood out and impressed me.  I love when they take a risk and include big, chunky and unique pieces to add to a wardrobe!

So excited for next months box as I’m sure it’s going to be lovely!  If you’d like to grab a future Flitwicks Box, be sure to head over to their website and start building up your own jewelry collection!


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