Sparks Emporium Box – December 2016

I have been a long time supporter of Sparks Emporium, so when they decided to come out with a mystery, monthly box, (this month themed Hogwarts) I knew I needed to give it a try!

I own so much Sparks Emporium Jewelry but very little of it follows a theme so I was eager to see what their selections would be for a box themed around a certain fandom.  My love for anything Harry Potter related knows no bounds so this was a perfect box for me to try!

The first item in the box was a bookmark which was super durable quality.  I actually couldn’t figure out what the schedule was but according to the information card included, it’s inspired by Hermione’s schedule!

Next was a beautiful art print with the Hogwarts castle silhouette across the bottom and the words “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good” – this stunning print was definitely one of my favorite things included in the box and I’m really pleased with it.  I already have it framed!

Next was a wish bracelet, one of the signature items from Sparks Emporium.  Included was a lightning bolt charm.  If you don’t know, wish bracelets are supposed to have a wish made on them when they’re tied on.  When the bracelet breaks, your wish comes true!  I love the concept, however I felt the lightning bolt was a bit big.  I know I’d catch it on everything if I wore it and it’d break in a matter of hours.

One of the most detailed pieces included in this box was a handmade Hogwarts Crest letter seal pin.  This clay piece is a beautiful, delicate addition to this box and I’m really pleased that she included an item that shows just how much work is put into each of these items.

The necklace included corresponded with the house selection you made when you ordered your box.  I am a proud Ravenclaw and received a necklace with the sorting hat’s speech written on it.  So beautiful!

Phantasmagoric Herbarium was awesome enough to include a sample of “Love Potion” tea, which smells phenomenal.  I’m really eager to make this before bed!

Also included was a hair tie included in your house color.  These are really lovely quality hair ties and they don’t leave creases in your hair if you use them all day, which is fantastic, however I was disappointed at only receiving one.  I felt value wise, 2-4 would have been a great number, perhaps in Red and Gold or Blue and Bronze, etc based on your house?  Still pleased that quality was the top concern with this item!

Finally, Sparks Emporium also included a mermaid scale ring to represent the Black Lake merpeople at Hogwarts.  I was really happy with this piece as I own a lot of her rings already and know what marvelous quality they are so I was so pleased to add another to my collection.

Overall this box was fantastic.  There were a few tweaks I would have made but I was thrilled with the amount of Hogwarts goodness they fit into one box.  I’m going to skip a few months but there were rumors of a Beauty and the Beast box in the near future, so I’ll definitely be grabbing that!  Stay tuned!

If you’d like to purchase your own Sparks Emporium Box or grab some of their lovely individual products, be sure to head over to their website and grab one!!


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