The Bookish Box – December 2016

The December Bookish Box was inspired by my absolute favorite fandom, Harry Potter!  I was so excited about this box – did it live up to the hype?

The December Bookish Box was a theme that I was looking forward to for a very long time!

The shirt this month, by Appraising Pages was a Yule Ball wreath featuring an array of symbols from the Harry Potter series.  I was really pleased with the design of the shirt this month, as it was completely unique from the past months tees.  I really loved this one and am super excited to wear this one!

The candle, by Whiskey Diamond Candle Co. was quite disappointing.  The title, “Christmas in the Great Hall” smells very strongly of fake pine which is overall just not good.  Definitely a miss.

An absolutely beautifully designed tumbler from Drop and Give Me Nerdy featuring the Weird Sisters, which was the band that played at the Yule Ball when Harry attended was also included.  I’m absolutely in love with this, and honestly it’s probably my favorite tumbler from any box!

Jar of Buttons also contributed an absolutely gorgeous book pin, that included a stack of Harry Potter school books as well as an owl and school scarf!  It’s a super cute pin and a perfect addition to my pin wall!

Finally, Lexy Olivia added another one of her beautiful bookmarks to the box.  Never a complaint from me when it comes to a Lexy product, however for the Bookish Box overall, it’s been a steady stream of Lexy bookmarks for the last few months.  As I said, I have no complaints for Lexy products but I don’t know what to do with so many bookmarks!  I’m hopeful that The Bookish Box will perhaps work on another kind of item with Lexy Olivia in future months.

Overall this box was absolutely wonderful and I’m incredibly pleased with the selection of items that they included.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

If you’d like to get your hands on a future Bookish Box, you can head to their website and grab one for yourself!  Don’t miss out!


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