Wizarding World Lootcrate – December 2016

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Lootcrate is a new box that Lootcrate announced in October and I simply had to check it out!

The Wizarding World Crate is a bimonthly box (every other month) that features all licensed, Harry Potter merchandise.  The first box was put up for sale in October and though I grabbed one, I had to settle for a size that wouldn’t fit.  Because they sold SO many, so quickly, they opted to release a second round of boxes to ship in December instead.  I switched to this round and this was my haul!

For the price, I was expecting some pretty big ticket items, and unfortunately was mildly disappointed with the box overall.

Each month comes with a Lootwear exclusive tee and this month’s featured tons of Fantastic Beasts themed goodies!  This was actually one of my favorite items in this month’s box and I’m really excited to wear it.  The tee itself is printed with a newspaper article from the movie about the Magical Disturbances across New York!  The tee is super soft and the fit is true to size so definitely excited about this one!

The next item was a massive disappointment – a funko.  Typically, I would be thrilled to receive a funko, however this month’s was not limited edition, not special in anyway and was one of the first Harry Potter funkos to be released (needless to say, I already owned it).  I know there were about 5 other options for what people COULD have received in their Lootcrate, and 4 of those options were of Fantastic Beasts characters, so I was pretty upset that such an old design was included alongside all new ones.

Another awesome item was a notebook, detailed with gold to represent the crest for the Magical Congress of the United States of America.  This was a beautiful and unique item to include and as a collector of notebooks, I was thrilled with it.

A Pigwidgeon plush was also included which was absolutely precious.  Not much else to say about him – he’s cute.  He didn’t add much as far as value goes, as he could easily be a regular owl plush from the dollar store, so I was accepting of him being there but didn’t feel like he added much to the overall whole of the box.

The bowtruckle pin was absolutely lovely.  I love pins and love to be able to display them so he was absolutely perfect, and I was pleased with the value it takes to put a custom and unique pin like this into a box.

And finally, a keychain.  This keychain featured a dangle Hedwig & Hogwarts acceptance letter, as well as a leather tassel.  I was pretty disappointed as this is an extremely heavy keychain as well as bulky.  Hedwig is at least 3 inches in width and would not be something you’d want to sit on if you forgot it in your pocket.  As cute as it is, I wish it were smaller?  The quality is wonderful so the value is there, but practicality wise, I didn’t get anything out of this.

Overall this box was 50/50 for me.  Half of it was wonderful and half was disappointing.  I absolutely didn’t feel as though I got my moneys-worth and was not pleased overall with the items selected.  I’m holding out for a couple more boxes, just to see if they turn it around, but as of right now, it’s not a great start to this highly anticipated box.

If you’d like to give the Wizarding World LootCrate a try, you can head over to their website and grab one!  They sell rather quickly (or at least this first one did) so be sure to apparate on over there!


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