Fandomly Jewelry – December 2016

The December Fandomly Jewelry box included an array of stunning, handcrafted, magical pieces.  It’s tough to decide on a favorite Harry Potter design!

Fandomly Jewelry creates a stunning selection of beautiful pieces each month for subscribers, based on a different fandom.  I was so thrilled with the November Box, but the December box took my breath away.

The theme this month Harry Potter, and being a massive HP fan comes with the downside of having super high expectations.  I was not disappointed.

The first item was an incredibly sturdy and really well made keyfob in a beautiful, icy blue.  This is super durable and useful, while screaming from the hill-tops “I’m a Potterhead!”  I was so pleased with this item, which reads “After all this time?  Always.”  and has the silhouette of a doe patronus, it’s absolutely perfect.

The art print and postcard were unfortunately not my favorite things in the box.  I was unimpressed by the designs of both but the other items more than made up for them.

The earrings this month were perfect – I couldn’t have asked for better.  The set featured the three stars that are a signature part of every Harry Potter book, appearing on the corner of each page and helping the reader to live the magic.  To have these earrings is a dream come true and it’s definitely going to be a go to pair for me.

A beautiful deathly hallows pendant is shockingly, a Harry Potter piece I have yet to own, but this own featured a set of four, dangle stones off the bottom bar to feature each of the four houses.  This was an adorable piece to include that paid homage to the original while still being unique to the box.

A set of three, bottle cap magnets were also included in each box.  The three varied in each box no matter what characters your received, they were bound to include a favorite in each batch.

And if I had to choose a favorite piece?  The bracelet.  This piece was absolutely everything and it’s PERFECT.  It features a set of five bubbles that include cut rounds featuring five of the main characters throughout the story:  Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna.  I felt that perhaps Ginny and Luna could have been interchanged with Neville very easily, but for the bracelet to be the correct size, I understand why they had to limit it to 5.

All of these pieces were stunningly done and obviously had a lot of work put into them.  I’m amazed, yet again at the quality and hard work that was poured into creating this box and as always, I’m very much looking forward to what comes next!

If you’d like to receive your very own Fandomly Jewelry box, I recommend checking out their Etsy shop and grabbing one!  They’ve sold out of the last two months, so don’t wait!


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