FanMail Box – December 2016

The December FanMail box theme was Legends of the CW – I was incredibly curious to see what kind of goodies were going to be included!

Legends of the CW didn’t strike me as a theme I could get on board with but I was really pleased with how they managed to pull together so many varying genres and shows!

The first item I found was a Supernatural business card for the Winchester brothers.  I thought this was quirky and fun and though I don’t watch the show, I know a lot of people would have loved this!

Supernatural got quite a large array of items in the box this month, which their logo also being apart of the FanMail sticker this month to help tie it into the theme of the box.

The planner/calendar stickers were also Supernatural themed and were really cute and fun.  I don’t watch the show so I don’t know where a lot of the quotes are from but I assume the show airs on Tuesdays, as that has plenty of stickers!

A 12-month calendar designed by Winnie Gong was also included, with each month featuring quotes from different characters on different shows on the CW which I thought was a really fun way to include a lot of them!  Supernatural did have a shout-out on the cover as well.

Moving away from Supernatural, a  THE TALON coaster was also included to encompass Smallville, as well as a promotional coaster for Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge, which is a new show coming with an awesome female lead.

Gilmore Girls had a little part in the box, with a Luke’s Coffee cozy!  I wish I watched the show because this was absolutely precious and wonderful quality, but my cousin who loves the show pretty much died when I gave it to her, so I’m happy it went to someone who loves Luke’s Diner!

For those of you who miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics are creepy and eerie but subtle enough for an everyday look!

The quote card includes a quote from Arrow, said by Oliver Queen.  I thought the design was really comic-booky and fit the theme really well.

Finally, the tee this month featured Supergirl VS Flash design by Winnie Gong, which was a crossover special the CW did in December.  As always, their tees are so comfy and perfect for just lounging around, I was really pleased with it!

Overall, this box was full of goodies for those who watch the CW a bit more regularly than I do.  I was unfortunately unable to connect with any of the pieces (minus a few quotes from calendar) but I was absolutely able to recognize the quality and effort that went into currating the box and am excited to give many of these items away to friends and family to enjoy.

If you’d like to grab your very own Fanmail Box, be sure to head over to their website!!


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