Nerdy Post – December 2016

My second month with Nerdy Post happened to be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so I had my expectations held high awaiting its arrival!

I really wasn’t sure what Alexis was going to include in the Fantastic Beasts Nerdy Post box, but I was thrilled with the quality and selection of her designs.  I was a little disappointed when comparing to the November box, as it just felt like there was a lot less included, however these pieces were still beautiful on their own.

The first item included was a Horned Serpent bookmark.  I learned after reading the info card that it was entirely random which Ilvermorny house bookmark you received.  It’s interesting because even though I was sorted Thunderbird three times, I still felt like I was a Horned Serpent, so no complaints from me about this one!

The next item was a notebook, meant to resemble the lock on Newt’s case of beasts.  With the eye and the tentacle sneaking out, it’s absolutely adorable and probably one of my favorite designs in the whole box.

The info card had the quote “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” written beautifully across the front.  Funnily enough, when I saw the movie in theaters, I leaned over to my boyfriend and said how much I loved that quote so I was thrilled to see it appear in the box!

The sticker for the month featured an adorable Niffler and his gold, which, lets face it, is simply precious.

The Nerdy Post Coloring Post Card included so many hidden beasts and wizarding wonders, I still find more when I look at it.  I always love her designs and this one was no exception.

The double-sided 5×7 art print featured Gillywater on the front and and on the back included a quote from Jacob Kowalski which read “I don’t think I’m dreaming.”  “What gave it away?”  “I ain’t got the brains to make this up.”  As this was in the trailer and really captured what it was like for a muggle to realize the Wizarding World existed, it was a perfect quote to be included.

A Magizoologist pin was also included which was absolutely precious!  Loving the simplicity of the design and how it looks like something Newt would even be proud to wear.

Finally, the large print, which this month featured a beautiful rendition of the Thunderbird and the Occamy, along with the quote “Yesterday a wizard entered New York with a case full of magical creatures and unfortunately some have escaped.”  The lovely decision to include the plot line of the whole movie was an excellent choice.

Overall the box was absolutely stunning but coming off the month of November (which also included an enamel pin and a coaster) I just felt like it was a lot less substantial than the classic reads box.  This box included plenty of stunning artwork to make up for that though!

If you’d like to grab your own Nerdy Post box, be sure to head over to their website!


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