Authored Adornments Box – December 2016

I always have high expectations when it comes to Authored Adornments products, and that includes her themed boxes!  The Chronicles of Narnia was a bit delayed in shipping, but was it worth the wait?

I am probably the only child in America to have never read The Chronicles of Narnia while growing up but I have seen the movie (I know, no comparison) and I thought the world it created was incredibly moving and beautiful, so I was really excited to see what was going to be included in this box.

Authored Adornments always creates two custom pieces for her boxes, and this month those were a bracelet and a bookmark.

The bookmark is a high-quality, burnished gold tone with a bubble design (as most of her jewelry is), featuring a drawing of a boy and girl holding hands under an umbrella.  I assume this is a direct art piece from the books, but it’s so incredibly beautiful and I’m so happy to have this.  It’s definitely going to be one I use frequently, and when I’m not, it’ll be on display on my bookshelf!

The bracelet was her traditional book page design, featuring the quote:
“But someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
It does have a bit of the rest of the quote, but unfortunately it’s too long to fit the entire thing on the bracelet.  Authored Adornment bracelets are one of my favorite products that they make, but this one is probably my favorite I’ve ever received.  It’s written in script instead of the standard block letters they typically use and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I’m so happy with this piece.

I always love that Authored Adornments typically uses other Etsy shop owners to create the other products for their boxes as this is an amazing support for multiple small businesses all at once.

The first, by Small Branches, created a beautiful Canvas banner that reads Courage, Clear Heart.  It also has the traditional light post that is so well-known from the Narnia series.

Copper Kettle Co. has been the mastermind behind the last few art prints, and they did a wonderful job this month as well with a watercolor looking print, featuring the Lion.

I actually opted for the coffee this month as my dad is an avid coffee drinker and I figured I’d give it to him to enjoy.  The St. Nickerdoodle blend from North Pole Coffee was a hit and he’s already asked for the website so he can order more!

Overall this box was, as always, stunning.  The pieces included were so unique for a subscription box and I’m so glad that I was able to get one!

If you’d like to grab a Authored Adornments box, head over to their Etsy!


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