Once Upon a Book Club – March 2017


Once Upon a Book Club Box is a monthly subscription box that features a newly released novel each month along with 3-5 gifts that correspond with the selected novel.  As an employee of Once Upon a Book Club, this is an overview of the February box, not an official review.  Continue reading for a coupon code!

The March Box featured a powerful read by Catherine Ryan Hyde along with 5 wrapped gifts, the art print and our very first brochure with readalong Dates AND discussion questions for our subscribers to participate in.

Before we get too deep into any of the gifts, I want to talk a little about the book this month!  “Say Goodbye For Now” by Catherine Ryan Hyde was our selection this month and if you’d like to read my full, spoiler-free review, click here!  This book was a powerful selection that discussed an array of issues that faced 1950s American that still apply to many situations today.  This book had me tearing up at the end, and if you missed a box, I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone looking for a new read.

On to the gifts!  This month included 5 wrapped gifts set to be opened on the designated page numbers.  Check out the photo below for all the gifts unwrapped!

Our first gift this month was on page 109.  Rolled into a cylindrical tube was a small blanket.  If we’re being honest, it wasn’t supposed to be this small.  We were heartbroken when it finally arrived after a massive miscommunication with our vendor.  That said, we decided to ship it regardless.  A lot of subscribers sent photos of it being adored by pets, while some found it perfect for airlines!

The next gift, on page 211 came in a white box with a photo on the front.  Inside, readers discovered a wooden frame along with a photo of a man and woman as described in the book.  Of course, the photo can be removed and the frame can be used for other photos easily with leaning stand attached to the back of the frame.

On page 231, subscribers found a rather delicious smelling gift, with a bag of coffee – coffee played a huge role throughout the book, comforting our characters through good times and bad so we thought it appropriate to include some for our readers to enjoy.

Page 310 was a bit different, as this was a folded piece of paper – inside is an true article from the time period regarding a case in the Supreme court that fought for interracial marriage.  This connects largely to the plot.

Finally, the give on page 339 featured a black box with a rose gold & clear stones infinity ring.  We have people mention to us all the time that the ring is too big or too small – unfortunately, rings are one of the tougher items to include but they make for a beautiful addition to our boxes.  We typically go for a larger size so that our readers can wear it at least on their pinkies if it’s too tight for all other fingers, or if it’s too big, readers can seek a ring guard from Claire’s or Icing.

In addition to all the gifts this month, we also included a pamphlet which included dates for our discussion questions and, new this month, readalongs!  Readalongs happen on Facebook LIVE and Instagram LIVE to encourage subscribers to log-in during the designated times and chat with other subscribers about the book so far.  We also do a live unboxing of one gift per show so we can experience the magic together.

We hope you enjoyed our March box and if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@onceuponabookclub.com

If you’d like to sign up for a future Once Upon a Book Club, head to our website and grab one!  And don’t forget to use coupon code BOOKCLUB10 for 10% off your first order!


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