Flitwicks Box – January 2017

After a bright and flashy December box, I was seriously ready for something different from Flitwicks Box – and I was NOT disappointed!

December featured a ton of pearls and rose gold, so I was eager for something a bit more toned down and this month’s box did just that!

The first item included this month was a gorgeous set of two pairs of earrings, both in the button style that they’ve done before.  These featured a solid black button set and a plaid red and black button set.  The red and black are truly lumberjack-esque and perfect to pair with boots and flannel!  Really pleased with these!

The bracelet was a double wrap style, featuring a yellow toned buckle.  It has multiple settings to fit any sized wrist no problem, and it’s super cute as well!  Definitely a classic, baseline piece that can be worn with anything, but still chunky enough to make a statement.

The necklace and bracelet obviously are a pair, but the necklace was to. die. for.  With chokers being so ‘in’ still, it was only right that they go with another choker (as they did one in their October box as well).  This one is definitely more plain than their October design and a lot higher quality.  This one has an extending chain to fit any sized neck (whereas the October one couldn’t be small enough to ‘choke’ me, even remotely).  This black patent leather style choker also features a gold embellishment similar to the bracelet so that they match wonderfully but also includes a long gold bar drop, that looks STUNNING with V-Necks and dresses.  I’m so pleased with this piece and thrilled to add it to my daily jewelry rotation.

This month’s box was a home run and definitely included pieces I can wear all the time which is a wonderful change from the December box which featured a lot of special occasion type pieces that really limited me on wearing them.

If you’d like to get your own Flitwicks Box in a future month, head over to their website!


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